Outdoor Area

Brambles prides itself on our wonderful ΒΌ acre of outdoor playing area for the children. The garden supports many large trees which provides lots of shade in the summer and hanging bird feeders from their branches in the winter. Our children love exploring the garden with its host of wildlife from a variety of birds, mini beasts, wild flowers, squirrels and our wriggly worms.

The garden is split into many areas for the children to explore and play.

We have an enclosed growing area which is equipped with a plastic greenhouse which stores our tools and helps us to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. The growing area also has 4 raised beds which the staff and children use to plant various herbs, sunflowers, strawberries and green beans. The children help with all the weeding, digging, potting and watering.
There is also a large concrete area for our more energetic children to use with the scoot along toys.

The garden also has 2 large areas of decking and a decked seating area. These areas are often used for circle and story time. In the summer we will use these areas for picnics. We also have an enclosed area with a rocker boat swing for 2 children and a baby swing. The children also have a large wooden pirate ship, swashbuckler boat with slide and an A frame climbing frame to play on. We have also built an enclosed decked area outside our Badger room for our 3 and 4 year olds. This allows the children the opportunity to decide whether they want to play inside or outside – this is called free flow.

Our most recent addition to the garden are 3 new play areas – a mud kitchen, construction site and water feature.

We have recently opened our Music and Dance Studio which is fully equipped with flashing disco lighting, glitter balls, music and bubble machine. The children of every age can access this studio.

We also have a pet rabbit called Anna and we hope to shortly get more rabbits.

Each year Tracey and Mark enjoy developing the garden further and still have lots of ideas.

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