Children at this age will not always be able to tell you what they have taught and they may not always bring home tangible evidence of their days achievements. They may tell you they have just been playing but they will have learnt a great deal through this play.

Liaising With Parents

Our main form of communication with parents is on a day to day basis, face to face. Staff are always keen to discuss your child’s progress and needs. In addition we hold termly parents evenings which give you the opportunity to talk to your child’s keyperson.

Developmental File

We use a software program called ‘Tapestry’ Tapestry is an online Learning Journal which offers us a way to record the special moments of your child and to keep yourselves as parents involved in a partnership as your children blossom and grow. We also use Tapestry in conjunction with the developmental stages of the EYFS and milestones to assess more formally how your child is progressing.

Your child’s key person can create records of observations instantly. They can add notes and images and have them immediately available to yourself as part of the complete story of your child’s life at Brambles. Yourselves as parents are able to view and comment on these special moments, and are able to contribute your own stories of your child’s life outside nursery. We will guide you through the log in process once your child has settled in with us.

Tapestry can also be shared with any new setting or their first school, with your permission.

After saying all this, having ‘FUN’ through work and play is paramount.

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