Funded Sessions

2, 3 and 4 Year old Early Education Entitlement – Funded Sessions.

Eligibility begins at the beginning of the term after their 2nd / 3rd birthday.

*The government has introduced a code of practice for the Early Education Entitlement that all nurseries/pre-schools must adhere to. Brambles has incorporated this code of practice for the 15hours funding (term time) or 11 hours (stretched across 51 weeks)and is offering the funding under the following structure to meet the needs of all out parents:

• Funding is available for a maximum of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year or 11 hours for 51 weeks.
• The 15 or 11 hours can taken flexibly across our sessions.
• No funded session can be longer than 10 hours or shorter than 2.5 hours.
• To maximise your entitlement the full 15 /11 hours can only be taken over no fewer than 2 days.
• Our funded sessions include breakfast and afternoon fresh fruit.
• Unless covered by additional childcare hours lunch/tea will be charged as an additional cost.
• It is important for our parents to know that additional childcare hours, over and above the funded 11 or 15 hours, can be taken to suit your own childcare needs and charged at the rates outlined in our brochure.

Additional Childcare Fees are payable on 1st of each month in advance by standing order. Extra sessions can be booked on an adhoc basis and will be billed separately to your monthly fees. No registration fee for funded only hours.

Extra, individual, sessions can be booked on an adhoc/occasional basis. The above Morning session include the provision of a home cooked breakfast and 2 course lunch and the afternoon sessions include an afternoon fresh fruit selection and a high tea.

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