Funded Sessions

We are registered with Buckinghamshire County Council to offer the 11 hours Universal Funding and the 22 hours Extended funding for 3 and 4 year olds. We can also offer 2 year funding places. We offer this as a stretched offer across 51 weeks. Eligibility begins at the beginning of the term after their 3rd birthday – term dates being January, April, and September. The Extended funding is subject to eligibility. Using the national criteria for the Early Education Entitlement for both the Universal and Extended funding and in order to make our funding structure as flexible as possible for parents we have put together the following offer to parents

• A maximum of 2 providers at any one time – stretched offer only
• Funding available for 51 weeks per year 22 hours per week
• Term time only offer 38 weeks, 30 hours per week only available to existing Badger room children who currently do term time
• Funded hours are 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm
• Additional childcare hours over and above the funding will be charged at an hourly or half hourly rate
• Breakfast, lunch, snack and tea will be charged separately and are optional

It is important for our parents to know that additional childcare hours, over and above the funded hours can be taken to suit your own childcare needs and charged at the rates outlined below. Additional childcare hours are not compulsory and just funded only sessions can be taken.
No registration fee will be charged for registration for funded only sessions.
To check your eligibility to the Extended 11 hours you will need to apply for this via the childcarechoices website. You will receive an eligibility code which we will use to validate your funding and also we will require your National Insurance number.

You then only need to fill out 2 simple forms, sign and date and return the form to Emma along with one form of ID confirming your child’s date of birth i.e. Passport or Birth Certificate.
It is very important that you declare any second providers on the form, which are also funded, so that no more than 11/ 22 hours per week are claimed.

Funding Structure for Universal / Extended Early Years Entitlement.

Funded Hours – Am 9am – 12pm Funded – Free
Funded Hours – Pm 1pm – 4pm Funded – Free
Additional Childcare Hours £7.00 per hour / £3.50 per half hour
7:45am – 8:00am start £2.50
Breakfast £1.00
Lunch £2.00
Snack 50p
Tea £1.00

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