Food and Nutrition

Our cook, Katie, prepares all the nursery meals on the premises and we aim to provide nutritionally balanced meals, which are appetising and healthy.

We have developed a mealtime policy at the nursery, as we strongly believe that early food experiences can set patterns for life.

• Our older children will help to lay the table prior to mealtime.

• All children will be encouraged to wash their hands before sitting at the table.

• Members of staff will sit with the children so that mealtimes can be a relaxed, sociable occasion – learning to talk and listen to each other.

• Children will also learn how to use child sized cutlery, good manners and about sharing food.

• The nursery will avoid ready meals and fast foods such as chips, burgers, hot dogs, ‘nuggets’, pizzas, all confectionery and sugary desserts.

• We will serve high quality home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients, which fits into current ‘healthy eating guidelines’

• Every effort will be made to cater for individual likes and dislikes without encouraging fussy eaters.

• The meals will be adapted for the babies, i.e. pureed fresh foods or ready prepared baby food can be provided- individual weaning plans will be
discussed with parents.

• We will be happy to cater for individual dietary requirements or food allergies.

• Children are encouraged to eat at their own pace.

Menus for each week are displayed in each base room and on the parents noticed board in the entrance hall. In the morning we offer a variety of breakfasts, for example toast, croissants, cereals, fruit juice and milk that are served at 9:00am. A home cooked, 2 course, lunch will be served between 11:30am and 12:00 pm. There is a mid afternoon snack of fresh fruit and water/juice at 2:30 pm and high tea is served at 4:00pm

Nursery staff will be happy to discuss your child’s eating habits at the end of each session. Babies under 1 will have written notes in their ‘Hedgehog Diary’ on what and how much they’ve eaten.

To ensure that the children eat different meals each day we run a four week menu with something different each day. Our menus are then changed every 16 weeks to ensure that our part time children experience various meals.

Dietary / Cultural / Religious Needs

As our food is cooked fresh on the premises we can cater for all children’s dietary needs – dairy, egg, fish, tomato free diets, coeliacs, no beef / pork, vegetarian.

Five Star Rating

We have recently been awarded with the highest standard of ‘Food Hygiene’ and ‘Health and Safety’ and given a 5 star rating by Aylesbury Vale District Council Environmental Team. Due to being awarded 5 stars in 3 consecutive years, Brambles is part of a small number of business that have been awarded an ‘Elite’ award for food hygiene.

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